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We defined simultaneous bilateral THA as surgery to replace both hips by the same surgical team during the same anesthesia exposure during a single hospital stay.
Once SIMS solves the major technological issues, the next impediment becomes finding appropriate simultaneous interpreters who are "on demand.
In 1979, theorist Eric Charnov, now at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, proposed that these ideas could apply to simultaneous hermaphrodites.
Another mixed-type and mixed-category attack is the simultaneous al-Qaeda suicide and car bombings of an Israeli-owned hotel in Mombasa, Kenya (parallel devices), which occurred at the same time as the attempted shooting down of an Israeli 757 jetliner in the same city (dispersed attacks) on November 28, 2002.
Survival was 92% at 4 years for patients who remained on the waiting list for pancreas transplant alone, 88% for those waiting for pancreas-after-kidney, and 64% for those waiting for simultaneous pancreas-kidney.
The new four- and five-axis simultaneous milling strategies found in ASM-MX are based on the same unique approach to multi-axis programming used in Delcam s PowerMILL, Delcam s industry-leading CAM system for the manufacture of complex shapes.
Perhaps the reverse exchange is the result of the buyer backing out of a previously arranged simultaneous exchange or the seller forcing a premature closing on the replacement property.
has announced the availability of its simultaneous pattern matching engine capable of providing up to a 40X boost over software.
Despite its speed, simultaneous welding is limited in terms of weld geometry.
Simultaneous binaural bithermal testing revealed a clear RVR on the right.

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