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which will be divided into two retail spaces with 5,000-square-feet still available and the remainder leased by Sincerely Yours Bridal.
Sincerely Yours Bridal will feature wedding gowns, as well as bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.
Sincerely yours in Our Lord, Elden Curtiss Archbishop of Omaha
Sincerely Yours, her best work to date, is the result of this prioritization, Barthe funneling professional malaise through love songs and embedding fears about striking out on her own musically within breakup and recovery tropes.
Dame Vera rose to fame in 1940 with radio show Sincerely Yours, sending messages to troops abroad.
In 2003, Bertram Cooper complained about religious messages at a Manchester post office run by Sincerely Yours, Inc.
With sincere regards, sincerely yours in Christ, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.
He was so indifferent to their only child, Ruth, that he delegated the chore of writing her when she attended a summer camp to a secretary, who signed the tender missives with a rubber-stamped "Your loving father, sincerely yours, S.
But he loved Sincerely Yours - starring gay musician Liberace.
Sincerely yours, Ronnie Barrett President, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing