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While meat is still inside out, remove the hard sinews from the leg, keeping as much meat as possible intact.
A better solution for serious smokers might be to actually stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood and show real will-power by giving up this absurd habit altogether.
To continue the visual imagery, this is really a partnership which should be painted: Heinen and his cello as one, the player's short sleeves displaying the working of his sinews as he draws eloquent colours from the instrument which is so much an extension of its owner, his fluency and co-ordination an object-lesson to all cellists.
AFTER the sinews and the heartstrings let her down, Kim Clijsters is not even close yet to being back in top shape this week among Eastbourne's field of preWimbledon gems.
Upsides in the straight, the Irish champion forges ahead with sinews bursting up that unforgiving hill.
The performing arts center at Northridge is a small theater - approximately 500 seats - meaning audience members will see the very sinews of the dancers in a very intimate setting, Martin said.
18, urging him to remember low-paid workers who are "the sinews of our economy.
Laboratory solar physics sheds first light on Sol's seething sinews
Taken together, these books provide a sound anatomy of the naval sinews of Spanish imperial power in the era of the Thirty Years' War.
He is straining Scotland's patience - but not straining his sinews.
The design team released images of the conceptual plans last week which are based on the theme of an athlete's body ( access points represent sinews and buildings represent the muscles.