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That is why for Valentine's Day, dessert emporium Serendipity 3 created a chocolate dessert so sinfully rich and pleasurable, that it is simply know as "Chocolate Foreplay.
Sinfully Vegan (ISBN 1-56924-476-6) is published by Marlowe & Company.
While it's sinfully expensive, bismuth shot has some great qualities.
The new ice cream cake is made with layers of "deliciously rich and sinfully sweet" Carvel caramel ice cream, vanilla crunchies, and "elegantly decorated with swirls of pure caramel.
Or instead of chilling out, why not sinfully tempt your taste buds at the wicked thorntons.
FROM the tanga to the string bikini, Rio de Janiero beachwear is almost sinfully daring.
The dichotomy of controlled strands of hair and flamelike ends mirrors the German designer's Insistence on "cleanness" or sartorial perfection that erupts in sheer extravagance: the plain white dress that could be brushed cotton and turns out to be sinfully smooth leather; the coat that looks like nothing, but, as its material took some Italian fabric mill months to develop, will cost a fortune.
From the sinfully delicious supplement containing 90% dark French chocolate and 10% slimming formula, Chocla Slim .
ENVY The Steakhouse Awards Sinfully Delicious Prize to Facebook Contest Winner
For the love of your life, you might opt for a bottle of red icewine, or a box of sinfully rich chocolates.
Hershey Foods introduced new Carb Alternatives treats with 50% less sugar carbs, Russell Stover displayed a full line of its low-carb chocolate candies and Innovative Candy Concepts sampled its zero-carb Sinfully Delicious snacks.
This wine is a rumbustious red, silky, sulky and sinfully gluggable.