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In the Year of Mercy, we are all called to look into our hearts and recognize our sinfulness and our need for God's mercy.
This in no way means watering down the Gospel to make it acceptable; rather, it means to preach and explain in a way that touches people's deepest yearnings, challenges their prejudices, speaks a word of consolation in their sorrow, and offers the assurance of forgiveness for their sinfulness.
Mali shows how Matthew and Luke each further moderates the old/new tension and claims that Mark himself hints that human sinfulness, rather than a conflict of principle, is what is at stake.
In fact, some American Christian preachers suggested that the 9/11 attacks were punishment for the sinfulness of New Yorkers and the deadly Haitian earthquake earlier this year was proof of Haitian sinfulness.
The Church says it is responding to a real demand after they found that one-fifth of couples taking part in the marriage ceremony already had children, and denies that the change will undermine its teaching on the sinfulness of sex outside of marriage.
Too many of our communities have been led by false shepherds who respond to those in want with complicated doctrines on sinfulness and worthiness instead of the compassionate mercy of the Shepherd.
If 777 represents God and the height of perfection, the triplicate six would be the mark of sheer wickedness and human sinfulness.
Today we think of our sins and of the sinfulness of our world.
The Body of Christ is not just a body that exists at any one time; it exists across history and we therefore share the shame and the sinfulness of our predecessors," said Williams.
The natural disasters, and those flowing from human sinfulness, which occur on our Earth can be better understood in the light of the teachings of Scripture.
But that is what I take to be the center of John Howard Yoder's "politics" and, in particular, how he taught us to see how the acknowledgement of the sinfulness of the church is crucial for understanding the "politics of the church.
Yet, on other matters of fundamental importance to communities of color such as affirmative action and welfare rights that relate to education, jobs, health, hunger, poverty and homelessness, the Christian Coalition (and the Christian Right in general) is firmly in the conservative boot-camp, which preaches that individuals' negative economic situations stem from their own laziness or sinfulness, not systemic causes.