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We also experience the pain of God in that story: A God who is wounded by human sinfulness.
41) Coles regards Yoder's understanding of the sinfulness of the church that requires a stance of constant reformation to be an exemplification of the kind of practice required by radical democracy.
Its understanding of sinfulness and the love of God goes right to the heart of what it means to be a human being.
It's all your fault' (Golding 37), are taken literally by Matty, imbuing him with a sense of guilt and sinfulness.
Hugo van der Goes' Fall of Man-Lamentation Diptych in Vienna juxtaposes the sinfulness of Adam and Eve with Christ's physical death as a means to redemption.
In an appearance on Robertson's "700 Club" program at that time, the pair blamed Americans' sinfulness and support for church-state separation for the attacks and suggested God had allowed the terrorists to strike for that reason.
This is a murky area, largely characterised by mild sinfulness rather than downright wickedness.
The most prominent approach is to find within liberal ph ilosophies not sinfulness but contradiction.
The sinfulness of sin is no longer preached - it is a concept too uncomfortable for most people.
I, for one, am inclined to leave the rhetoric of sinfulness within the domains of religion and to speak instead of errors in critical judgment.
Puritan conversion narrative centers inflexibly on the sinfulness of the speaker--a sinfulness that would be annihilating were it not for God's grace.
The novel put me in mind of Karl Jaspers's wise comments on the part played by culpability and sinfulness in the general scheme of things.