sing the praises of

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This, perchance, is a hard task, since it calls on the slave to sing the praises of the master upon the vanquished, while pressed by all the evils of conquest, to sing the praises of the conqueror.
He had no time to sing the praises of his mistress, just then, for Newman gave him a gentle push which had nearly precipitated him to the bottom of the area steps.
I would like to sing the praises of paramedics and hospital staff at both HRI and Leeds General Infirmary.
It was easy to sing the praises of eight-time nominee Mary J.
Rather than water down our beliefs--the approach of the last 30-odd years--why not stand up, rejoice and sing the praises of Jesus loudly and clearly?
Work colleagues inform me that there is a comic version of this song, the lyrics of which sing the praises of an antiquated and parasitic London institution.
In a twist on Benny Hill's tale of a speedy milkman, Cardiff City fans have hijacked the comedian's well-remembered ditty to sing the praises of "Earnie, the fastest hitman in the West".
PAUL NICHOLLS was quick to sing the praises of conditional rider Bobby McNally after the young Irishman had booted home Gaysun in the three- and-a-quarter-mile-plus handicap chase and Bairon in the novice hurdle.
Starling, a bird's namesake, seems to sing the praises of modernism while lamenting its failures, but like many artists today, he works with a retro modernism: His ironic play with exile and inclusion at times feels more like the product of self-conscious, nostalgic longing for an unattainable past than the claiming of a critical position.
Funny, in the two decades I've known Ralph, I've never known him to sing the praises of large corporations.
And throughout the Mass and other prayer services, Catholics, Protestants, and other believers will sing the praises of forgiving.
I worked in long term care for a dozen years myself, and I've been a stalwart member of that chorus who sing the praises of nursing assistants and describe them as the "backbone" of nursing home care.