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BILL, SINGLE, contracts. A writing by which one person or more, promises to another or others, to pay him or them a sum of money at a time therein specified, without any condition. It is usually under seal; and when so, it is sometimes, if not commonly, called a bill obligatory. (q. v.) 2 S. & R. 115.
     2. It differs from a promissory note in this, that the latter is always payable to order; and from a bond, because that instrument has always a condition attached to it, on the performance of which it is satisfied. 5 Com. Dig. 194; 7 Com. 357.

SINGLE. By itself, unconnected.
     2. A single bill is one without any condition, and does not depend upon any future event to give it validity. Single is also applied to an unmarried person; as, A B, single woman. Vide Simplex.

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on The figures mean all Merseyside's Oxbridge students who started that year could squeeze inside a single-decker bus.
And even so, it's gone from two double-deckers to one double-decker and a single-decker, so surely some places will be lost.
Mr Quinn, who is listed as director of AJQ Consulting Limited, had been travelling north towards Gosforth High Street and the single-decker Arriva bus travelling south when the crash happened, just before 9pm near to the junction with Moor Crescent.
30am, a female pedestrian stepped in front of a single-decker bus at the junction of Churchill Street with Marlborough Crescent near to the Centre for Life.
The Showcase double-deckers had apparently been hijacked to provide a four minute service to Chelmsley Wood along Bordesley Green East and the displaced single-deckers transferred to the Coventry Road.
The single-decker fleet bought later to run under Bute Street (too low for double-deckers) to Pier Head was later used regularly by myself when I worked in the Docks' shipping office, and I wonder if any of your readers will still remember Jim, the one-armed bus conductor who collected the fares in Mill Lane at the bus stop before passengers got on the bus, which was always cram full as a cattle wagon, the Echo remarked at the time, because the journey was so short along Bute Street.
A 39-year-old pedestrian was killed early on Monday morning when he walked into the path of a single-decker Diamond Bus in Castle Hill, Dudley.
A SERIAL bus thief has been jailed for 28 months after crashing a single-decker into a lorry on the M25.
Another cyclist was hit by a single-decker bus at about 12.
The accident happened in the Bootham area of York as the single-decker bus was taking home patrons from the Ikon and Diva nightclub.
The single-decker coach was taken from a bus stop in Menzies Road, Aberdeen, at about 10pm on Friday, but travelled only a short distance before smashing into a building.
Marlene Blakey, 68, was killed on December 4 when she was hit by a single-decker Stagecoach bus on Westgate Road, Newcastle.

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