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BILL, SINGLE, contracts. A writing by which one person or more, promises to another or others, to pay him or them a sum of money at a time therein specified, without any condition. It is usually under seal; and when so, it is sometimes, if not commonly, called a bill obligatory. (q. v.) 2 S. & R. 115.
     2. It differs from a promissory note in this, that the latter is always payable to order; and from a bond, because that instrument has always a condition attached to it, on the performance of which it is satisfied. 5 Com. Dig. 194; 7 Com. 357.

SINGLE. By itself, unconnected.
     2. A single bill is one without any condition, and does not depend upon any future event to give it validity. Single is also applied to an unmarried person; as, A B, single woman. Vide Simplex.

References in classic literature ?
Single-handed, and with his limited knowledge of the mountains which surrounded the settlement, he knew that he was powerless.
She took it on as she was looking for a new challenge, but it looks like she may have got more than she bargained for: the last few years have become a constant struggle, and she has been forced to run the business virtually single-handed.
A SCOTS sailor is set to become the first deaf skipper to complete a voyage around the globe single-handed.
Sailing round the world single-handed is an impressive achievement for anyone.
In which boat did Sir Francis Chichester sail around the world single-handed in 1967?
36-year-old Owen McDonnell, who plays police officer Jack Driscoll in west Ireland-filmed drama Single-Handed, rarely gets hassled back home - despite being adored by "a certain middle-aged section of the population".
BEST DRAMA Single-Handed (ITV1 Wales, Thursday, 9pm) * "COSY crime," they call them, all those non-threatening police programmes that clog up the TV schedules every now and again.
SINGLE-HANDED star Owen McDonnell has told how he believes the cop drama was spared the chop after it was bought by ITV.
MUSCAT: Sidney Gavignet, skipper of the Arabian 100 trimaran Oman Air Majan, crossed the start line off the Lizard Point, Cornwall UK on Thursday as he attempts to break the single-handed Round Britain and Ireland record.
FILMING has begun on a new series of the gritty cop drama Single-Handed which upset tourist chiefs.
1966: Francis Chichester left Plymouth in Gipsy Moth IV on his single-handed voyage around the world.
The RollGen allows short-crewed or single-handed yachts to easily and safely furl the headsail.