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Authoritatively guiding readers through the ideas and ideals of a progressive mentality, Recipe For Success offers a "reader friendly" interpretation analyzing and detailing the essentials (and variations) of what constitutes success and the many attributes necessary for becoming a complete success in life including such factors as planning, purpose, vision, time management, good health, single-mindedness, persistence, learning from mistakes, loving others, and so much more.
His single-mindedness causes him to engage in hyperbole and distortion.
I am in awe of their clarity and single-mindedness, coming together for the common purpose of educating policymakers about the successes and problems of the foster care system.
During his lifetime people were fascinated by his helpful and gentle manner combined with a fighting spirit and single-mindedness - characteristics that mythologized him following his death on 24 August 2000.
And his actions have a purity and a single-mindedness capable of transforming those around him.
Absolute purity: freedom, of course, from lust and sexual abuse in all its forms, but also a wonderful quality of single-mindedness, cleanliness and non-attachment.
We aim to make our play parties spaces for people to think about and exercise sexual liberation without guilt, shame, judgment or single-mindedness.
Combining seemingly irresistible military might, ruthless cruelty, and almost automaton-like single-mindedness, the Turk was indeed terrible, and the threat posed by him could be used to justify any means to resist him.
While the "male bombs" unleash terror with extravagant single-mindedness, in Female Bomb, 1966, for instance, there's a more ambivalent creative/destructive kind of combustion.
He was 'more of a personality than a character' and lacked the single-mindedness (or liberal narrow-mindedness) of his more famous but much less likable brother.
My developmental hierarchy of the intellectual virtues begins with the virtues of intellectual carefulness, such as single-mindedness, thoroughness, accuracy, and perseverance.
As Donald Ritchie notes in The Image Factory: "Enterprise, imagination, application, and sheer single-mindedness have, in Japan, turned an instinct into an industry, have carved an empire from an urge.

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