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There will even be a champagne toast celebrating singleness at 1 a.
What is special about the euro area is that to reach this objective the ECB at times had to take complementary measures to ensure the singleness of monetary policy.
Written in a lively style, All the Single Ladies starts from a specific focus on the impact of delayed marriage, especially since 1990, and expands into an impressive, comprehensive treatise on singleness, that includes not just middle-class white women, as in some previous studies, but also women of color, and poor women of all races.
With OMT, the ECB claimed the power to buy and sell sovereign bonds (bonds issued by the governments of eurozone member nations) in whatever quantity necessary for "safeguarding an appropriate monetary policy transmission and the singleness of the monetary policy.
In Persuasion Austen problematizes contemporary notions of spinsterhood by refusing these binary categories and placing Anne in the exceptional position of choosing singleness.
Monotype printmaking's spontaneity and singleness feed this fleetness.
I think the church has said nothing about adult intimate relationships or singleness outside of marriage," he said.
Or will we welcome gay and lesbian persons into our churches yet maintain the historic norms of chastity in singleness and fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman?
Yoder's writings on singleness and his comments to his victims are reviewed in order to suggest that their effectiveness derived from his ability to wield the symbols of positional authority, technical prowess, and socio-political radicalness.
Huston Smith, a historian of religions, suggests that there are four aspects to pilgrimage: singleness of purpose; freedom from distraction; ordeal or penance; and offerings.
Wallis comes into his own in the house rather than the exhibition, where the limitations of his palette and his singleness of subject matter are overwhelmed by the strength and exuberance of the other three, particularly Winifred.
Singleness, at least legally, was one of the hallmarks of being gay.