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I tell you this quiet, bowed, bandy- legged, almost deformed little man was immense in the singleness of his idea and in his placid ignorance of our agitation.
A reg'lar coachman's a sort o' con-nectin' link betwixt singleness and matrimony, and every practicable man knows it.
I think the church has said nothing about adult intimate relationships or singleness outside of marriage," he said.
Or will we welcome gay and lesbian persons into our churches yet maintain the historic norms of chastity in singleness and fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman?
As regards the additional asset purchases, the Governing Council retains control over all the design features of the programme and the ECB will coordinate the purchases, thereby safeguarding the singleness of the Eurosystem s monetary policy.
She discusses the notion that society has somehow created the perception that singleness is bad; that being a single female means there is something wrong with you.
In his great work on Turner, Modern Painters, Ruskin had advised young artists to "go to Nature in all singleness of heart .
Huston Smith, a historian of religions, suggests that there are four aspects to pilgrimage: singleness of purpose; freedom from distraction; ordeal or penance; and offerings.
Wallis comes into his own in the house rather than the exhibition, where the limitations of his palette and his singleness of subject matter are overwhelmed by the strength and exuberance of the other three, particularly Winifred.
Singleness, at least legally, was one of the hallmarks of being gay.
His singleness seemed to affect Michelle Obama more than anyone else.
WHEN Love Sculpture finally crumpled, collapsed and died, the leader, Dave Edmunds, set out with unusual singleness of mind and determination to produce a hit record.