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Even our more stable sectors like agriculture and mining fail to attract a singular point of view.
To determine who was to speak and when, the location of, and distance from the microphone became a singular point of reference to every workshop participant.
Although it is not uniformly symmetrical, the proposal's consistent reference has been a pyramid, with sweeping walls that meet at a singular point.
The point x [member of] (-L, L) will be defined as a singular point for the inverse problem if the first and/or second derivative of the direct problem's solution vanishes at that point x.
One of them could be classified as corank = 1, codim = 1 singular point.
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh said Saturday that cooperation and acceptance of other viewpoints and not forcing a singular point of view are necessary if society is to benefit.
has written this textbook on asymptotic analysis and Borel summation for advanced students in mathematics and physics, and provides a unique perspective on these topics by analyzing ordinary differential equations near a generic irregular singular point.
Is that the cure, for subjectivity to diminish to a singular point of attention, everything but this floated away?
If this were the singular point, one could agree and welcome a modest addition, based on published sources, to the historiography of the Free France movement.
On this singular point these 20th-century theologies join with the neo-liberals (the Niebuhrs and Tillich) who also offered trenchant judgments on liberalism's naive rationalism and '"soft-utopianism.
Without a singular point person, there is a real danger that the information an outside lawyer provides to a court in one jurisdiction might not mesh with what is provided by another lawyer defending the same company in another jurisdiction.
What is the institution's singular point of differentiation?