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This new opportunity really takes us to the next level with partners that are willing to take risks and now I'm taking the whole company to get tattoos," said DJ Sinister.
As a genetically altered human, Mister Sinister has superhuman mental and physical abilities.
Let me make it clear that while we are a constitutionabiding organisation with full faith in the process of law, we can't be cowed down by unscrupulous and sinister political conspiracies.
White fully acknowledges these other scholars, noting in particular that Sinister Yogis was inspired by James Fitzgerald, who has spent decades teasing out the meaning of yoga in the Moksadharma Parvan of the Mahabharata.
The Scaramanga Six style has been described as 'grandiose goth pop' and 'rock noir' but no phrase can really capture their bizarre mix of rock, cabaret and operetta with a sinister and theatrical twist.
Reinfurt and Bailey have both written extensively, most particularly for Dot Dot Dot, a journal that the latter cofounded in 2000 with Peter Bilak and that is now an official Dexter Sinister publication.
There's nothing like a pair of horn-rimmed glasses to add an air of possible sinister quality to somebody.
But I have serious reservations about all three horses who have the top Beyer numbers in this race - Sinister Minister, Brother Derek and Sweetnorthernsaint.
Varla takes the film's sinister Olivia de Havilland role.
In the Second Movement, "As this climax dies away trailing clouds of strings and horns, the woodwinds slither back in with sinister whirring scales.
One also does not have to assume a sinister conspiracy to accept Brock's documented description of organized cooperation among partisans of the right to bend the means of communication to their ends.