sink back

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It seems as though the brightest side of everything were also its highest and best, so that as our little lives sink back behind us into the dark sea of forgetfulness, all that which is the lightest and the most gladsome is the last to sink, and stands above the waters, long in sight, when the angry thoughts and smarting pain are buried deep below the waves and trouble us no more.
Then, inevitably, a work email comes through, I pick up my phone and sink back in.
Nuttall and Farage should sink back into obscurity, where they belong.
THE luxe modern leather armchair in parch has beautifully curved armrests and a deep quilted seat that allows you to really sink back and get super comfortable.
It's a pity "certain people" can't sink back into anonymity without a bit of mudslinging first.
One of the company owners, Steve Niemoeller, says his favorite way to fish the Steel Shad in his home state of Florida, where he guides, is to cast out, let it drop through the water column, and "rip it up," before letting it sink back down.
The referendum means Scotland is not about to sink back into old Westminster voting patterns.
Normally, the third eyelid is held back by the position of the eyeball, so anything that makes the eyeball shrink slightly or sink back into the head will allow the membrane to slip up.
FEEL the tensions of the day fade away as you sink back into this luxurious leather-upholstered chair.
UK economy could sink back into recession - April 25).
Like other troubled governments in Europe, Rajoy faces the delicate task of a deficit reduction measures in a country whose economy is expected to sink back into recession.
His art traversed empyreal heights and immanent grounds--touching transcendence only to sink back down into earthly concerns.