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The penis is at least slightly sinuate in outline rather than simply-tapering and this feature does demonstrate a greater similarity to P.
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Aedeagal shaft flat in profile, apical 2/3 curved and gradually narrowing, gonopore subapical on the left side, ventro-basal protrusion of aedeagus much longer than shaft, broad at base, apical half slightly curved dorsad, in ventral aspect apex sinuate and strongly narrowing, slender process adjacent to shaft on left side shorter than shaft (Figs.
Hymenium: Gills, sinuate to adnate, occasionally slightly decurrent in older specimens; occasionally seceding from the stipe with age; yellow at first, dark with age, finally becoming ferruginous (rusty-reddish-brown); gills bearing rusty spots during growth; close to crowded, medium broad to broad.
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Female abdomen: Oviscape black, pruinose, except at apex; spermathecae elongate, twice as long as wide, slightly swollen apically, with transverse striations, base very elongate and sinuate, especially in distal 1/3; with very prominent lateral processes (Fig.
3 cm, concolorous, brown, lanceolate, basifixed, the apices acuminate, sinuate, margins entire to dentate; leaves to 150-180 cm long, erect to arched, fasciculate; petioles 55-80 x 0.
Leaves alternate; sessile; blades oblong to obovate, pinnately partite, margin sinuate to undulate, fleshy, glabrous.
Therediid terminal apophysis elongated, narrowing into a hook bearing an additional process; median apophysis bearing two basal points, median apophysis projecting toward the apex of the palpus and curving behind the terminal apophysis; conductor sinuate, projecting apically (Fig.
The siphon was usually more slender with the ventral side in lateral view slightly sinuate in comparison to that of Cx.
usambaricus unknown) 11 10 Subgenital plate with lateral margins smoothly sinuate to distal spatulate process (Fig.
1), posterior margin gently sinuate, scutellum triangular with slightly raised marginal carina (Figs 1, 6A), metanotum posteriorly with prominent paired sclerites (Fig.