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The spores reported from the Zaluch Gorge section include Cyclogranisporites arenosus, (see plate 2 and 3), Cythidites australis, Concavissimisporites sp, Osmundacidites sp, (see plate 3), Convolutispora sp, (see plate 4), Grebespora rimulata, Lundbaldispora willmotti (see plate 5) while the pollen taxa of the same section include Cycadophites sp, (plate 1), Cycadophites sp (see plate 3), Vitriesporites pallidus, (see plate 2, 3), Klausipollenites schaubergeri, (see plate 3 and 4), Alisporites radialis, (see plate 3), Falcisporites stabilis, Monosaccite (see plate 4,5), Sulcatisporites sp, Striatopodocarpites auriculatus, Taeniasesporites sp, (plate 4), and Praecolpatites sinuosus, (see plate 5).
Praecolpatites sinuosus, Zaluch section, Sample ZK2,
Seven Monocolpate/Sulcate pollen form species viz, Paravittatina lucifer; Cycadopites follicularis; Cycadopites cymbatus; Gnetaceaepollenites sinuosus; Marsupipollenites triradiatus; Praecolpatites sinuosus were recovered and technically described.
1998) cultivated Cryptanthus sinuosus leaf explants from in vitro germinated seed in solid culture medium supplemented with 2.
Professor Athanasius Treweek of the University of Sydney Latin Department had suggested sinus sinuosus but Vatican officials changed this to sinus tortuosus.
christiani Boucher, 1987 Veturius (Veturius) sinuosus (Drapiez, 1820) Veturius (Ouayana) unicornis Gravely, 1918 Tabla 2.
1999): Ethologic and ontogenic significance of the Pliocene trace fossil Sinusichnus sinuosus from the northwestern Mediterranean.
Agardh, 1827: 642; Asperococcus sinuosus (Mertens ex Roth) Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1832: 326; Hydroclathrus sinuosus (Mertens ex Roth) Zanardini, 1843: 39.
Bromeliads in general are highly efficient at in vitro germination, with a rate above 90% being common for Vriesea hieroglyphica (MERCIER & KERBAUY, 1995), Cryptanthus sinuosus (CARNEIRO et al.