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Sisyphean Conscience (pronounced sis-if-e-in) takes the elements of metal and twists it into what its publicity materials call a musically precise sound using catchy melodies and harmonies with crushing grooves.
And while information security may at first glance appear to be a bewildering and indeed Sisyphean challenge for the average small to medium business, PwC's van Hest says that doesn't have to be the case.
The perfect abeyance of id and superego, Abbi is striving to be part of the mainstream (a Sisyphean climb towards the banal) and liana is seducing her back to loll around happily in the muck and squelch.
Survivor" tells of a man wracked with guilt for years after returning from the war, and pain that drives him to the brink of self-destruction; "The Innocents of War" is about the family of a solider who is MIA (missing in action) for over twenty years; and "Rap" follows Vietnam combat veterans trying to readjust from combat to civilian life, a tough to the point of Sisyphean task even with the aid of group therapy at the Veterans Administration.
Their hotel trysts become Sisyphean ordeals for Lin, who keeps getting timed out before reaching first base.
Please note we have used the latest technology to avoid linen which would add to your Sisyphean ironing pile.
v=31xojg tEds A reading of "Ordon's Redoubt" (Reduta Ordona) from Stefan Zeromski's Sisyphean Labors.
Indeed, for those who are familiar with his work, the task of providing a summary of Adorno's thought is a seemingly Sisyphean one.
In this context, pointing out that the Canadian Forces mission in Afghanistan was Sisyphean from the get-go is not an insult to those who lost their lives during that mission.
One can't help but be impressed by the scale and scope of the work, which amounts to a Sisyphean task in reverse--hard-won rock samples from towering peaks brought back to laboratories on the other side of the planet.
But Barak Ravid, the paper's diplomatic correspondent, said he had taken on a Sisyphean task, assuming overnight "the most ungrateful job in the West Bank.
Assured by US subservient backing, and for more than 15 years prior to current Sisyphean process, Israel rejected Palestinian's peace overtures insisting on impossible chameleon terms to be fulfilled even before agreeing to talk with Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).