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The author examines the meaning-making practices of death rituals and situational beliefs in the Netherlands, focusing on the impact of the changing role of religion, the individualization of society, and the development of modern cremation on the structure and meaning of death ritual today and what situational beliefs emerge in the funerary and bereavement practices of survivors.
Through its new licensing model, organizations can upgrade to the Verint Situational Awareness Platform through a scale-as-you-grow approach.
The situational awareness systems market is expected to reach USD 17.
The Army defines situational understanding as, "the product of applying analysis and judgment to relevant information to determine the relationship among the operational variables (political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure, physical environment, and time (PMESII-PT)) and the mission variables (mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, and civil considerations (METT-TC)) to facilitate decisionmaking.
Situational awareness becomes even more prudent when you are walking the tiers alone while the new officer is up in the control center.
Among contemporary leadership theories, Situational Leadership is most similar to writing center philosophy, pedagogy, and practice.
Cultural awareness training remains integral to achieving situational awareness.
Situational mentors can even help an employee plan his or her next bid or career move by offering insight on other offices or giving guidance on what it's like to take the leap to a new career challenge, such as an excursion tour, fellowship or a change of cone or series.
For instance, repeatedly experiencing self-determined motivation at the situational level can, through the recursive effect, eventually generate higher levels of self-determined motivation at the corresponding contextual level.
It would be an example of situational growing--or situational pinning--in this circumstance.
The Situational Lending Movement gives borrowers, brokers, and investors opportunities that were previously hard to come by.
combines computers, lasers, navigation modules, radios, and other technologically advanced equipment to improve soldiers' ability to communicate on the battlefield, their situational awareness, and, ultimately, their ability to fight effectively and survive.

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