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711), suggesting music therapy did not decrease situational anxiety levels as previously predicted.
Medically speaking, parents of children with special needs face a myriad of taxing issues that can manifest as situational anxiety and/or depression due to the stress and strains that are placed on them.
Both case and control groups were given 20-question Berger situational anxiety and 133- question Bar-on questionnaires one month after the end of training sessions as post-test to the case group.
A research question was posed about the possibility of achieving success in this time frame, using CBT enhanced by hypnosis for exposure to both the symptoms of panic and situational anxiety.
trait) would also score highly in situational anxiety testing (i.
Pargman argues that being able to distinguish between trait anxiety and state or situational anxiety is essential for optimal performance.
The anxiety scale assesses autonomic arousal, situational anxiety, and the subjective experience of anxious affect.

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