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One of the easiest and most effective ways of moving from situationally interesting activities to individually interesting activities is through the use of authentic learning experiences (Kizilcec, Perez-Sanagustin, & Maldonado, 2017; Mitchell, 1993).
Be Situationally Aware of your surroundings, take Flight if it is safe to do so, Evade your attacker if you cannot leave, and Rush your attacker - if you are left with no choice.
In professional nursing practice, the nurse must critically think, be situationally aware, while also being cognizant of when and how to engage the chain of command.
Finally, two case studies are presented in the appendices that allow the reader to think about the skills and concepts presented within the text and apply them situationally.
Best methodological practice is always evolving and situationally specific.
It ensures that the pertinent information is situationally and sometimes interactively displayed in front of the driver.
Private schools seek out students who can pay or are academically gifted, leaving economically or situationally disadvantaged students with little choice.
In chapter four, Knight reveals the often clever and necessary ways the women navigate "street psychiatrics and new configurations of madness," as they accept or deny mental health diagnoses situationally, in order to secure housing and health care--or, as they sometimes choose, to avoid them.
The overall goal here is to enable systems to react appropriately to their environment and perform situationally appropriate tasks, synchronized and integrated with other autonomous human or machine systems," he said at a House Armed Services Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee hearing in November.
However, it does have a partial effect in the short term, and therefore may alternatively be given situationally.
They have given up a few points situationally, but they are a really, really good defense.
However, these tend to be situationally based, meaning they are temporary situations and your child may have a change in their usual school connectedness.