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[Latin, Situation; location.] The place where a particular event occurs.

For example, the situs of a crime is the place where it was committed; the situs of a trust is the location where the trustee performs his or her duties of managing the trust.


n. Latin for location, be it where the crime or accident took place or where the building stands.


noun locale, locality, location, locus, place, placement, point, position, site, situation
Associated concepts: situs of a crime
See also: locality, situated, situation

SITUS. Situation;, location. 5 Pet. R. 524.
     2. Real estate has always a fixed situs, while personal estate has no such fixed situs; the law rei site regulates real but not the personal estate. Story, Confl. of Laws, Sec. 379.

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The majority of patients with situs inversus had left-sided RCC (56%) and the most common surgical intervention was an open radical nephrectomy (67%).
Polysplenia syndrome accompanied with situs inversus totalis and annular pancreas in an elderly patient.
What's wrong when it isn't right: Situs inversus and genetic control of organ position.
The challenging aspects for anesthesiologists in successful management of patients with situs inversus totalis should be thoroughly evaluated, as discussed further.
Dextrocardia and situs inversus are interesting from a diagnostic and embryological standpoint.
The estimated prevalence of PCD is 1:15-30,000 live births and situs inversus occurs randomly in half the patients.
En resumen, se trata de un hombre joven, aparentemente sin ningun antecedente patologico, que ingreso al hospital por cuadro de disnea y choque posiblemente cardiogenico-septico, en quien se diagnosticaron malformacion congenita de tipo situs inversus e hipertension pulmonar con concordancia auricuio-ventricular segun la ecocardiografia.
On release, the patient was diagnosed with the following: chronic bronchitis, situs inversus totalis, polinodular goiter, Barraquer-Simons syndrome, insulin-dependent type 2 non-obese diabetes complicated with polyneuropathie, hypertriglyceridemia, liver steatosis, essential hypertension stage 3 well drug controlled, obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, ischemic heart disease, heart failure class III NYHA, rheumatoid arthritis stage II, polymyositis, osteoporosis.
Kartagener syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder, a subgroup of primary ciliary dyskinesia, characterized by a triad of bronchiectasis, sinusitis and situs inversus.
Combination of partial situs inversus, polysplenia and annular pancreas with duodenal obstruction and intestinal malrotation.
Here we describe a case of a 53-year-old female with situs inversus and dextrocardia, where PTMC was successfully performed with a few modifications of the standard Inoue technique.
Dextrocardia situs inversus is a rare genetic phenomenon in which the positions of organs are reversed; for example, the heart is normally found on the left side of the body, but with dextrocardia, it is on the right.