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Besides pituitary hormones, there are neural signals that may place the skeletal system under central control of the hypothalamus.
Protecting the body's skeletal system is a goal that can only be accomplished through high levels of dedication.
Part 2 addresses the skeletal system and contains a photographic atlas of the bones, bony landmarks and joints of the body.
Ask them to watch you perform a number of exercises to make sure that you are displaying correct posture throughout, as this is vital in order to protect the skeletal system, which is more vulnerable to injury as we get older.
Changes in the skeletal system can be potentially expensive to the health service if a loss of balance causes a fall, which results in a fracture followed by surgery and rehabilitation.
Enhanced with the inclusion of 85 recipes, Annemarie Colbin's "The Whole-Food Guide To Strong Bones: A Holistic Approach" is an invaluable and informative guide to the role good nutrition plays in strengthen the human skeletal system and can be the key to naturally rebuilding bone mass.
Fractures resulting from abuse were recorded throughout the skeletal system, most commonly in infants (less than one year) and toddlers (one to three years).
Gretchen Hoffman's DIGESTIVE SYSTEM (9780761430582), Ruth Bjorklund's CIRCULATORY SYSTEM (9780761430537), Lorrie Klosterman's ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (9780761430551), SKIN (9780761430575) and IMMUNE SYSTEM (9780761430544), Karen Haywood's SKELETAL SYSTEM (9780761430568) are all excellent and basic health system references.
Filla was selected to receive the prize based on the results of his research, funded by a GRF grant awarded in January 2006, which examined the ability of specific cell surface receptors to cause rearrangements in the intracellular skeletal system of the cells that regulate aqueous humor outflow from the eye.
If you held her up to a bright light, you could see her skeletal system.
Orthopaedics - treatment of the skeletal system, joints and muscles
Obviously, you can't relax completely, but you can relax most of your muscles by using the skeletal system as much as possible, because hones are steadier than muscle.