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Everything's been gathered up, and they're taking the skeleton to the Rainbow.
You must regard them as so much bone and iron, rude skeleton joints and shins, as though they were the bones of the great elk or other extinct South Kensington specimen,"--"not," I added in my heart, "as the velvet and ivory which they are.
Chains and shackles, which had been the portion of former captives, from whom active exertions to escape had been apprehended, hung rusted and empty on the walls of the prison, and in the rings of one of those sets of fetters there remained two mouldering bones, which seemed to have been once those of the human leg, as if some prisoner had been left not only to perish there, but to be consumed to a skeleton.
The truth is that the idea of the skeleton came from the description of the ghost given by Joseph Buquet, the chief scene-shifter, who had really seen the ghost.
Further in the gallery was the huge skeleton barrel of a Brontosaurus.
Hunt now proposed the sacrifice of Pierre Dorion's skeleton horse.
You could see the skeleton behind the man, and almost the ghost behind the skeleton.
I know it must be a skeleton, I am sure it is Laurentina's skeleton.
There at the end of the long stone table, holding in his skeleton fingers a great white spear, sat /Death/ himself, shaped in the form of a colossal human skeleton, fifteen feet or more in height.
The other, which held this one in a close embrace, was the skeleton of a man.
Upon the bed lay a similar gruesome thing, but smaller, while in a tiny cradle near-by was a third, a wee mite of a skeleton.
Near the skeleton lay a helmet of hammered brass and a corroded breastplate of steel while at one side was a long, straight sword in its scabbard and an ancient harquebus.