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Roger Dubuis says that this element shows its maturity by "acknowledging no limits and being unafraid of apparent heresies" pointing out that in 2005, it did away with the central rotor while achieving equivalent winding power; now and ten years later, it has rolled out "the first skeletonised automatic movement with a micro-rotor".
To complement its delicate patterns, the 1003 calibre movements were done in 14-carat white gold and skeletonised exquisitely in its nucleus.
Skeletonised movement clearly visible through the glass cover
It is a real challenge to maintain the balance between stability and extensive skeleton-working in such an ultra-flat and skeletonised watch movement.
Dece discovers an unfamiliar object in the rings of Cotal, and when Cap, Seps and Dece go on a dangerous mission to investigate, find an abandoned alien ship, complete with a dead and skeletonised alien--the species of which they have never seen before although they can empathise with his lonely death.