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On the other hand, there are skeptical arguments based in ideas about epistemic closure--"if S knows that p, and S competently deduces from p that q, thereby forming the belief that q on this basis while retaining her knowledge that p, then S knows that q.
Rural Midwesterners with a local focus; they're skeptical about big company claims but run environmentally responsible homes with eco-friendly products.
Traders have become skeptical about whether the rescue plan would be implemented effectively,'' said a market analyst.
homeowners indicated that more Americans are skeptical of the green label and are unwilling to pay more for green building products.
Or are they skeptical that humans have a direct impact on Earth's temperature?
It was Gelbspan who instructed an audience in the nation's capital: "Not only do journalists not have a responsibility to report what skeptical scientists have to say about global warming.
Since the Enron internal investigations, prosecutors have become more skeptical of narrowly-constrained internal probes performed by lawyers too closely aligned with matters being investigated and corporate investigations that did not root out purported wrongdoing.
Detailed discussions of Montaigne's brand of "impure" skeptical inquiry, the tracing of the origins and speculation on the influence of the treatise titled "The Sceptick" (the first vernacular translation of Sextus Empiricus), and Bacon's "lifelong struggle with the challenges of epistemological doubt" (11) present a compelling argument for reevaluating the suitability of skeptical practice--anti-dogmatic, perspectival, conducive to dialogue and dramatization--for a period in which many forms of intellectual debate flourished.
But as someone who has been somewhat skeptical of the current talk of international imbalances and even more skeptical of some of the supposed remedies, maybe I will be forgiven if I begin with a benign scenario.
For the skeptical conclusions of the agnostic demonstrate that unaided reason, except among the most brilliant and leisured, will not attain the philosophical truth that the world has a transcendent cause and that man's vocation is to encounter, as far as possible, that cause.
While the council has made strides, voters remain skeptical that everything that can be done to reduce the cost of city government has been done.
He remains skeptical the industry will adopt JT as the sole standard for sharing CAD data among suppliers and OEs: "The OEs have always talked about getting to a common language, but they could never agree on the solution.