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The reliability of the new guidelines was called into question by the (Niigata) earthquake and it should have been assessed more skeptically,'' Yoshioka said.
The two managers from one of Tsukiji fish market's largest wholesalers looked on skeptically as we pitched ABI Japan's Cells Alive System (CAS) freezing.
As an outsider (though he speaks Farsi and has studied Persian culture at Cambridge) and an unbeliever, de Bellaigue views the flagellants skeptically.
Strapped companies looked far more skeptically at CRM software after the dot-com bubble burst.
Sadly, the scandals seem to be expected, however skeptically, or sarcastically, as a business practice, i.
However, the findings are likely to be treated skeptically in many quarters as the Center released inaccurate findings from the same study last year.
The United States, however, reacted skeptically to the decree.
But any diagnostic system that leaves so much room for interpretation, with such serious implications for liberty, ought to be scrutinized carefully and skeptically.
Joe, seated at his cluttered desk, eyed me skeptically.
As for myself--open-mindedly skeptical, skeptically open-minded--I was ready for any kind of action, but I was determined not to fall into the trap of conjuring things up just to suit the mood of the occasion.
Written documents, all the essays in this volume assert, need to be approached cautiously and skeptically.