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Unlike securitized issues, where the pools are known in great detail, asset information tends to be much sketchier when it comes to covered bonds.
On the second day, there was a sketchier update on the story.
That grind you did at Lincoln City along the fence on Beauty and the Beast was pretty hairball--one of the sketchier things I've witnessed.
And, when it comes to the health-giving qualiities, the evidence is even sketchier.
While at first glance the handling of the metalpoint and white gouache highlights in the Dresden sheet may seem sketchier than in many of his other sheets from his figural sketchbooks on grey prepared paper of these years (for instance, the two more refined studies of this general kind by Filippino in the Kupferstich-kabinett Dresden, nos.
Precise execution gave way to faster, sketchier, more spontaneous technique, allowing greater naturalness and expression in the figures.
How well would the city fare in a lawsuit, trying to explain why it used sketchy trainers desperate for jobs to work with sketchier dogs?
But he looks sketchy; I mean, even sketchier than usual.
Conversely, my knowledge of earlier regime changes--such as in Hawaii and Nicaragua--was sketchier, and the details proved more useful.
The treatment of In My Father's House is even sketchier than that of Men of Brewster, filling less than one-fourth the space given to Jazz.
Coleman's written reports were sketchy, his memory of the transactions sketchier.
As the consultants hired by the cabinet to examine the options remarked, the two-centre proposal emerged so late in the day it was inevitable that detailed information would be sketchier than that for the Rogers scheme, which has been on the table for four years.