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Without modern infrastructure and choices of livelihood, and only the sketchiest of police or military presence to fulfill the state's primary role of maintaining a monopoly on the resort to violence, protection of wealth and personal and family honour rests in the hands of those who appear fierce and follow through.
Yet the speed and thoroughness with which he set about the administration of the provinces captured from the Turks, in a region denuded of proper communications and consisting of a restive and suspicious population and only the sketchiest administrative framework, was entirely praiseworthy.
Between visiting a Rabbi, bringing Arabs and Jews together in a classroom to teach them Hebrew and Arabic, respectively, or offering life-changing advice (from a sketchy van) to eager passers-by in New York's sketchiest neighborhood -- this season of Late Night Republic is smarter, quicker, and growing up
Long before that, I had noticed the curious status of Hong Kong, until 1997 a British colony with the sketchiest makings of democracy.
It would be well worth unpacking the heavily ironized aesthetic implications of Emma's "spirited" amateur style, where the most merit may reside in the sketchiest piece of work.
He had only the sketchiest understanding of the roles played by various people in the courtroom.
But many Americans may have only the sketchiest knowledge of the Delaware senator's checkered career and why he has been widely hailed as both a wise and "safe" choice as a running mate for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, yet may prove to be controversial on many fronts.
Through the sketchiest of biographies, incorporating a presentation of generalised professional credentials, a statement of geo-social provenance, an attestation to her comedic skills, and, if necessary, an advertence to particular possible counter-expectations (such as Powell's small stature; Villereal's Latino designation in a predominantly African-American panel of performers and audience; Luewellyn's use of mimicry), the emcee contextualises the performer and the performance to come.
Admittedly, this is only the sketchiest of information, but I am hoping that perhaps one or more of your readers will recognise the names and, if so, I would very much appreciate hearing from them and, of course, if any member of the family sees this letter, it will be an additional bonus.
When created, it had only the sketchiest of identities, and the extent of support for it in the local populations was unfathomable.
This threatening image is typically paired with only the sketchiest understanding of Iran's interests vis-a-vis its eastern neighbors or adversaries.
She knew nothing of any misdeeds nor illegal acts and had only the sketchiest outline of my finances and only helped me in preparing my [tax] returns on material I furnished her.