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Could be better: Quality, tenderness and serving temperature of several skewered items could be improved.
Cost: Fixed-price dinner with assorted charcoal-grilled skewered items and salad bar $40 Friday and Saturday ($35 Sunday through Thursday); salad bar $20 (nightly).
Lay skewered potatoes on a barbecue grill (1 or more) 4 to 6 inches above a solid layer of medium coals (you can hold your hand at grill level only 4 to 5 seconds); don't overlap skewers.
As the potatoes cook, lay skewered sausages on top of them so they can start to heat (and so their drippings can also flavor potatoes).
Dip skewered foods into glaze; lift out, draining briefly.
Lay skewered foods on grill over hot coals in a hibachi (see directions for coals, preceding).
Photo: In Hawaii, whole prawns, fresh from a Malihini-style curry marinade, are skewered, then cooked over hot coals
For Skewered Shrimp, skewer each shrimp with stripped end of a sprig of rosemary.
But the emphasis is on the skewered meats, ranging from Brazilian linguica sausage to little liverlike chicken hearts.
One of the first locally was Tori-Zen in Gardena, which as far back as the mid-'80s boasted of 30 varieties, not only utilizing traditional chicken parts, but made with skewered seafood, spicy beef, even stuffed mushrooms.
50) featuring moist, smoky, skewered pieces and a Thai-style peanut sauce.
Photo: (Color) Celebration Salad, center, Tangy Skewered Pr awns and Chicken, and Peach Walnut Spice Cake draw on the sweetness of seasonal fruits and are perfect selections to serve at an outdoor summer party.