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Meriones then killed Phereclus the son of Tecton, who was the son of Hermon, a man whose hand was skilled in all manner of cunning workmanship, for Pallas Minerva had dearly loved him.
You need the skilled teachers, the specialists in the art of imparting knowledge.
A FISHERMAN skilled in music took his flute and his nets to the seashore.
The sale of their products so brought down prices that farming was ruined, and their skilled and unskilled labour drove the artisans and labourers into the almshouses and highways.
Their skilled colleague soon satisfied them that they were wrong.
The youth's pale face flushed with the pride of the skilled workman.
The skilled and seasoned drinker, with a strong constitution, never descends to anything like that.
They had a great literature, they were more learned and quite as skilled in the arts of peace as the Romans.
These med did Sarpedon lead, skilled in bitter war.
A skilled workman like he was (he said) wanted a journeyman under him.
From one straw bed to another she passed with comforting words that gave them hope, with skilled and tender hands that soothed their pain.
No tools will make a man a skilled workman, or master of defence, nor be of any use to him who has not learned how to handle them, and has never bestowed any attention upon them.