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Texas: Navarro Regional Hospital Transitional Care Unit (Corsicana); Hermann Hospital (Houston); Metroplex Hospital (Killeen); Kings Daughters Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility (Temple)
The skilled nursing facility will provide care to patients who need around-the-clock monitoring, who for some reason, perhaps due to age or senility, cannot live by themselves.
Wage Index (Wage Data, Geographic Areas, FFY2005 vs FFY2006 Wage Index, Imputed Rural Floor, Occupational Mix, Out Migration Adjustment, Geographic Reclassifications, FFY2007 Open Window, Inpatient Rehabilitation (IRF), Inpatient Psychiatric (IPF), Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF))
The assisted living exterior uses similar materials and colors to make a connection with the skilled nursing facility.
A 30-bed AIDS unit had been opened in our 87-bed skilled nursing facility.
New facility acquisitions for the quarter included one skilled nursing facility with 107 beds for $3 million and one assisted living facility with 101 units for $8 million.
Developing high-quality, successful rehabilitation programs is a goal of many administrators searching for the "perfect niche" for today's skilled nursing facility.
C) announced that it has entered into agreements to lease a retirement home in London, Ontario and acquire a skilled nursing facility near Boston, Massachusetts, has also transferred three long term care homes that were under development into operations and has, as well, agreed in principle to terminate the CPD LP development agreement.
Medical directors spearhead staff enhancement, based on the assumption that people in a skilled nursing facility can be trained and educated to provide the same level of nursing and clinical care as is typically found in a hospital.
a privately held skilled nursing facility headquartered in Tupelo, Mississippi.
We're starting to see development of multi-level campuses, which include a skilled nursing facility, a retirement community, assisted living, home health care and outpatient services.