skilled person

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The categories include outstanding volunteer award, outstanding active person, outstanding skilled person and outstanding unpaid carer.
At the ceremony, Manavi said the president decided to introduce a professional and skilled person for the post after Abdullah Ahmedzai resigned as the head of the IEC secretariat.
The general public are so interested in watching a skilled person at work, whether it's a carpenter, woodcarver, butcher or a fishmonger, and to have these skills exposed publicly makes for a good viewing event, as at the festival.
Whether you are looking for a skilled person as an employee, to help you at home or otherwise, SkillPages is the easy way to do it," added Mac Donald.
The FSA has required RBS and NatWest to work with an independent skilled person to undertake an extensive review of all parts of their complaint handling arrangements.
I applied for a work permit for a skilled person which I need for my business two years ago and I do not even get a straight answer from the ministry about why the process is taking so long.
6) The Indian Patent office often calls an ordinarily skilled person the "uninventive man.
WORLDSKILLS is a competition to find the best skilled person in their particular craft - be it an apprentice or someone who is "time served" but still eligible due to their age - and it's a great way for young people to improve their skills and better themselves in a competitive environment.
Prostate screening is notoriously more difficult, the blood test needs a skilled person to do it, interpretation is difficult and as many as 10-15% will require a further test (a prostate biopsy) to determine if cancer is present.
Everyone complains about the situation but they would rather go out and poach a skilled person from elsewhere than do the training themselves.
As a general rule, the claims clearly set out what is the invention, fencing off the subject matter sought to be protected by the patent, while the description must provide sufficient information to allow a skilled person to make and use the whole of the invention claimed.