skillful treatment

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Indeed, nontraditional topics, such as campaigning and advising by first ladies, political profiteering, and the skillful treatment of race in the 2012 Obama campaign, all entice the reader to delve deeper into the text.
Darwin in Translation," the last chapter of the book, is, once again, a skillful treatment of both the story of Arabic translation of the Origin of Species and Isma'il Mazhar, the person who undertook this task.
Reyhani and Hakimzadeh are renowned for their warm, friendly bedside manner, as well as their skillful treatment and dedication to mastering the latest, most effective techniques.
As the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma requires aggressive and skillful treatment.
A skillful treatment of a specialized subject, this book looks at the use of decorative plasterwork to aesthetically and socially define interiors in Ireland and early modern Europe.
The essential message is that even skillful treatment of pain or addiction in co-morbid patients will usually fail.
78] Based on his series of cases and autopsies, Ludwig characterized the condition as the "occurrence of a certain type of inflammation of the throat, which, despite the most skillful treatment, is almost always fatal.