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In present study, 60 % sperm motility was retained after 24 h storage of buffalo semen in HOM and SKIM extenders.
Interestingly, there were differences among the types of skim milk, which may shed light on the underlying mechanism.
However, if the other bloke misses your skim, always underestimate your score.
Regardless of who skims money or the method used, the accounting effect is the same: Revenue will be lower than it should be but the cost of producing that revenue will remain constant.
The Obihiro Public Health Center officials said Snow Brand produced about 900 bags of powdered skim milk at its Taiki plant in southern Hokkaido, 70 more than the 830 bags it reported.
Now, with a new "fat free" name and a host of new marketers with new products, skim milk stands to become an even bigger player.
Copper alloy foundries should: use the melt cover that is appropriate for the specific alloy; control the amount used; monitor and control the impurity content of carbonaceous melt covers; and optimize cover use, skimming practice and melt loss in the skim commensurate with the melt quality necessary to produce specific castings.
Cool soups and gravies and skim the fat off with a spoon before you reheat them.
Eight men with normal blood cholesterol levels were put on the American Heart Association diet (less than 30% of calories from fat, less than 10% from saturated fat, and less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day)--including either whole or skim milk.
This article describes the various methods employees and owners use to skim money and what the forensic accountant can do to better detect and prevent such schemes.
We would have to rev up our sleds and skim across 3 feet of powder.
Highly organised criminals bribe or threaten people working in petrol stations, restaurants and shops to skim customer cards for them.