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That is the window, so you will understand if that tree has to come down" The Prime Minister showing visitors the vantage point at 10 Downing Street overlooking the court where skimpily clad women will play beach volley ball during the Olympics" The beautiful game has been shown to be played now by some very unlovely people, playground bullies with two-word vocabularies, barnyard morals and bank accounts that could bail out Greece" Broadcaster Michael Buerk, above, after the John Terry trial "There is no sense of trying to connect with his audience.
She was followed by runner-up Marcus Collins, hitting the notes of Moves Like Jagger accompanied by skimpily dressed dancers.
Bischof, who also foregrounds the discovery of a linguistic unsconscious as "jene produktive Instanz, die immer neue Lekturen ein und desselben Werkes ermoglicht" (43), argues that the "dialectical image" (Walter Benjamin's term) grows out of and reflects the violence of trauma--a topic that Ryland passes over somewhat skimpily despite her title.
By failing to buy a healthy quantity of clobber, Rihanna, and her skimpily attired followers, are wrecking the clothing industry.
It's given us a confused brand of feminists - in fact I'm not sure if they should be called that - who equate dressing skimpily with emancipation.
Even with a relatively skimpily written backstory, Gillen manages to add shades and nuances to the role, as does the always redoubtable Considine in his equally thin part.
There's sure to be a sizeable audience for whom the thought of the series' notoriously lingering close-ups of amply endowed but skimpily attired female fighters combined with pin-sharp 3D visuals will prove absolutely irresistible.
You see, the problem is not that Malik dressed skimpily (just look at the modelling runways of Karachi or Lahore).
The Culture Ministry announced last week that the latest Abbas Kiarostami film, "Certified Copy," would not be allowed in Iranian theaters because the star, Juliette Binoche, was too skimpily clad.
The video features a skimpily clad Ciara licking Timberlake's ear and bent over in questionable positions as the two singers dance closely together.
His frankness about his time in a psychiatric ward from which he escaped to a snow-covered street barefooted and skimpily clad is moving and reveals much about the conditions at the facility.
Skimpily dressed and suspended on a wire with a pair of angel wings, he landed on Eminem while baring his naked backside.