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They're around all day in those skimpy outfits and I'm going to get them to teach me the dance movements.
He said: "We were trying not to make an uncomfortable scenario for her - she was standing there in skimpy clothes and obviously there's fans out there who get all excited about the prospect of that, so we were working with her as a professional.
THE model and actress flaunts her figure in a skimpy Missoni bikini
Even he'd have to agree this skimpy gear is not something most 17-yearolds would be allowed out in.
On tour, Janet shocked some fans when images of her in skimpy outfits were shown on a huge screen.
Though the event had its risque moments, with innuendo aplenty and volunteers dressed in skimpy clothes, Margold stressed the main focus was charity.
1: RIHANNA having her stage costumes altered this week to be even MORE skimpy - just in time for her Dublin gig tonight.
Kylie Minogue, noted for the skimpy outfits, was top of the women's poll, according to thousands of Heat readers.
Our power couple can luxuriate on a warm, tropical island (not to mention running in skimpy outfits) while out-of-work starlets and hunks attempt to lure them into marital indiscretions, all for the pleasure of a weekly viewing audience.
NORMALLY car promo shoots equal some bird sprawled over a car bonnet in little more than a thong and skimpy bra.
Pamela, 34, used to keep male TV viewers entertained with her 34DD assets clad in a skimpy red swimsuit.
Bagged cereals, while selling briskly, have skimpy profit margins.