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The histopathology report for the skin biopsy showed severe acute necrotising leukocytoclastic vasculitis affecting small and medium-sized vessels.
In addition, the histological evaluation on liver tissue and skin biopsy clearly showed a toxic immune-mediated damage.
Sina B, Kao Gf; Deng AC, Gaspari AA: Skin biopsy for inflammatory and common neoplastic skin diseases: optimum time, best location and preferred techniques.
Hylwa and her colleagues performed what they said was "the first study that has addressed the histologic analysis of skin biopsy specimens and patient provided specimens from a relatively large number of patients presenting with delusional infestation.
However, the skin biopsy is sitting in a freezer, and his doctors aren't sure what to test for next.
Working from two small boats supported by New Zealand's research vessel, Tangaroa, the research team--led by Dr Nick Gales of the Australian Antarctic Division--collected 64 skin biopsy samples and 61 individual tail fluke photographs from humpback whales.
Although rare, finding more than one of the above acantholytic patterns in a single skin biopsy would favor the diagnosis of Grover disease.
Although histopathologic results identified a neoplasm of basal cell origin, a second skin biopsy was done to confirm the diagnosis.
In 2003, a skin biopsy was taken from the margin of an EM rash from
In 1993, a skin biopsy of a lesion on his right elbow was positive for squamous cell carcinoma in situ.
Because no feature is pathognomonic for calciphylaxis, the diagnosis must be based on a combination of the clinical history, physical examination, and histopathologic findings on skin biopsy along with the typical finding of "pipestem" vessels on radiologic studies.