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Influence of after flow and skin effect for the non-Darcy flow at low velocity through single medium (in Chinese).
Skin effect is the phenomenon that AC tends to flow mainly at the surface of a conductor which is different from distributing uniformly throughout the cross section of the conductor in the case of DC, as shown in Figure 1.
The standard approach usually employed to deal with time-domain skin effect problems involves a detour in the frequency-domain.
Thus, our experimental studies have confirmed the principle of heating stranded wire with high-frequency electromagnetic waves using two physical phenomena: the skin effect and discrete transformation of the radiated energy into heat.
a disk with a circular hole in the middle, the skin effect does not act in accordance with the computed currents of Eq.
Engineers have used Litz wire for many years to minimize the resistance increase caused by skin effect.
This phenomenon is called skin effect and depending upon the size of the conductor its contribution to the heat losses is to increase the electrical resistance of the conductor, thus providing greater heat loss than that caused by a DC current of the same magnitude as the RMS (root mean square) AC current.
However, this can cause higher losses due to the high-frequency currents in conductors and the load caused by the skin effect and higher eddy-currents.
Catholique de Louvain and his co-authors cover the fundamentals of electromagnetics as it applies to biological tissues and the skin effect, RF/microwave interactions including bioelectricity and tissue characterization, biological effects at the cell level as well as various systems and in conjunction with drugs, thermal therapy in terms of the heating principle and hyperthermia, EM-wave absorbers protecting the biological and medical environment and their applications, and RF/microwave delivery systems for therapeutic applications including ablation, perfusion chambers and measurement.
However, dispersion, skin effect and dielectric losses all contribute to significant frequency dependencies in the RLGC values.
Called skin effect, it means the closer to the center of the fuselage you are, the safer you are if the aircraft takes a direct hit from a lightning strike.