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Generally, health officials recommended substituting blood tests for tuberculin skin tests during the shortage, giving skin tests to "priority indications" such as people at high risk for TB infection and substituting the product Aplisol for Tubersol in skin testing.
test fulfilled the criteria of being equivalent or superior to skin tests and therefore can be considered for stand-alone testing for TB.
There are ways of identifying patients allergic to this drug preoperatively as well as alternative agents and surgical techniques that can be used in those with a positive skin test.
Naturtint is now campaigning for all salons to perform the skin test and remind consumers of the importance of testing with home kits too.
A lack of regulation means there is no obligation on stylists to carry out skin tests on customers having their hair dyed, even though allergic reactions to chemicals contained in hair dyes are not uncommon.
albicans skin test with a cutoff of 5 mm of induration, he said.
The gamma test is most effective alongside the skin test in herds of high disease prevalence to help identify and remove infected cattle earlier.
Defra's conclusion comes despite the government department admit ting there was extensive industry concern over the high ratio of TB-positive animals identified by the gamma test compared with those identified by the skin test.
Anyone with a positive skin test result will be referred to the TB specialist at their local hospital for further investigations.
A total of 14 animals tested positive to the skin test and 86 positive on the blood test, he told Mr Justice Mitting in a hearing expected to last one day.
Now a special screening process will take place at Finham Park next week, offering 150 pupils and teachers a skin test at the school and the option of a chest X-ray at Coventry's University Hospital.