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With UK housing repair and maintenance activity forecast to grow 2% this year and 4% in 2015, skips are a positive indication that homeowners are increasingly condent about investing in the repair and/or renovation of their homes.
With skips, you need to estimate carefully how much trash you have to get the most appropriate type of skip to hire.
As the other contestants fell by the wayside, I was filled with total confidence at my ability to skip for hours, if necessary.
Cabinet member for neighbourhood services, Coun Ian Jones, said: "The council's highways services have a list of skip hire companies who are pre-registered to place skips on the highway.
They need to do another U-turn on this very badly considered skip tax before they do yet more damage to business, to jobs and to the environment.
In fact I have hired skips in similar circumstances myself without difficulty.
With just a little bit more care, the teams are now packing the skips really efficiently to minimise the amount of void space, and almost doubling the amount of plasterboard contained in each skip leaving each of our sites.
But they ended up in a row with Uxbridge Skip Hire over their final load of rubble.
Skip companies must acquire a permit for the placing of skips and to let Wirral Council know when and where they plan to place them.
It's costing us too much to transport out skips back and forwards and we decided that we had to change our business model again to ride with the times," he said.
The allegations centre around a Birmingham City Council scheme which aims to provide free skips to local communities under the Neighbour Renewal Fund.
The company offers a comprehensive range of skips for hire at very competitive prices.