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Since it was established in 2006 to replace a discredited predecessor, it has consistently focused on Israel and its treatment of Palestinians while skirting around perceived rights violations in Islamic and other developing countries.
The pipeline, skirting around Russian soil, would bring gas from the Middle East and the Caspian region to Europe.
So stop skirting around the issue, politicians, and ban these weapons before a baby or toddler is killed.
Instead, there was a skirting around the edges of a subject which has tainted the team, with queries about his feelings and focus following one of the most turbulent periods of his career.
Council leaders have been skirting around the issue, suggesting that jobs will disappear over a period of time but that redundancies are unlikely.
The northern boundary of Aigburth is roughly Jericho Lane and skirting around the southern edge of Sefton park and up Elmswood Road.