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In the past decade, many of us have gone from believing the flush times would never end to skittishly looking over our shoulders, fearful that we'll be the next ones to lose our jobs.
If we couldn't afford to go into town we went to the "Woody Beaf as we skittishly referred to it because it was so different (after Mr Woods and the Downbeat) the name stuck, obviously.
Skittishly endearing, Rocks And Daggers goes on a seafaring adventure with bursts of fire and drama, with wise-beyond-his-years observation from Fink.
Perhaps he could take over at Great Leighs, which keeps edging towards the starting tapes but then skittishly retreating.
Far from creating an overall sense of living by biblical law, this book moves skittishly from topic to topic and generally forgets an idea after Mr.
Every time the script hints that she and Peter might possibly be physically attracted to each other, everyone involved dances skittishly away" (Burr).
Well, except for the cat, who has not adjusted well and who still skittishly jumps at anything heading toward him on wheels.
Within minutes, two black-clad members of staff skittishly knocked on the door.
While Gromit swims serenely around his new home, taking in his surroundings and appreciating that we paid the extra 50p for live plants to chew on, Wallace jerks skittishly from one side of the bowl to the other.
If the writer Coetzee now breaches the gap to otherness by writing the novelist as a woman, then he can only do so by "queering" himself, by "sliding into a kind of sexism and thus arguably becoming the more skittishly and provocatively homoerotic" (p.
To the east it is bounded by what is probably the best-known landfall in the world--the sky-scraping Royal Liver Building, with its masthead eyrie of 'liver' birds, the solid, foursquare, down-to-earth Cunard Building, and the skittishly cupolaed Dock Board Offices Building, with, solemnly presiding over all, the black fret-work lantern of the Mariners' Church.
Wall Street investment is free to skittishly stampede in and out of countries, producing crippling financial crises.