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Despite the skittishness politicians sometimes exhibit about contraception, Federal and state governments consistently recognize contraception as a component of preventive health care.
Madison Avenue is afraid of the dark," Cole is quoted as saying later about advertisers' racial skittishness.
The mere discussion of possible modifications is already causing skittishness in the marketplace.
The skittishness of Congress when it comes to the passage of extensions to the subsidy has resulted in a series of laws that are intended to lay flush on top of each other, but in reality, don't fit quite right.
And even in the case of Chile-specific property renewals, when retrocessional earthquake coverage markets exhibited skittishness or declined to renew a program outright, other markets stepped in with capacity, according to Aon Benfield (Bermuda) Ltd.
Because of the troubles that we've seen in Europe, we're now seeing some headwinds and some skittishness and nervousness on the part of the markets and on the part of business and investors.
military involvement and skittishness about any military cooperation with Israel, where the United States based a high-powered X-Band radar in 2008 to bolster Israel's missile defenses.
of Southern Mississippi-Hattiesburg) present a first textbook, setting out substantive law and its elemental components in simple and practical manner so as not to excite the well known skittishness of beginning law students faced with the usual whelm of legalese most textbook authors seem to feel necessary.
Add to that, a skittishness towards spring wheat, where growers have been hit with fusarium the last two years, and corn could take another 50,000 acres, depending on planting conditions.
But the skittishness of the moral police in that era was unable to stop the publication of pornographic material, said Gupta.
But last fall, as the markets became increasingly illiquid, some companies suffered losses on the investments in which they had placed their collateral, a development that aroused skittishness about the whole practice of securities lending.
The market's skittishness is traceable to the possibility of a destabilising power vacuum if the monarchy's power diminishes," political risk experts Eurasia Group said in a report.