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Arrived some cables-length from the cetacean, the speed slackened, and the oars dipped noiselessly into the quiet waters.
Presently, when the million dial was at zero, I slackened speed.
With every three shots at least two men fell; but the march of those who remained was not slackened.
Fewer bullets ripped the air, and finally, when the men slackened to learn of the fight, they could see only dark, floating smoke.
When they had come inside the harbour they furled the sails and laid them in the ship's hold; they slackened the forestays, lowered the mast into its place, and rowed the ship to the place where they would have her lie; there they cast out their mooring-stones and made fast the hawsers.
Edmund watched the progress of her attention, and was amused and gratified by seeing how she gradually slackened in the needlework, which at the beginning seemed to occupy her totally: how it fell from her hand while she sat motionless over it, and at last, how the eyes which had appeared so studiously to avoid him throughout the day were turned and fixed on Crawford--fixed on him for minutes, fixed on him, in short, till the attraction drew Crawford's upon her, and the book was closed, and the charm was broken.
Hunt slackened his march to give them time to overtake him.
The lama slackened off, joint by joint, like a slow camel.
Reuben Bourne's rapid pace gradually slackened as the pang, unintentionally inflicted by the words of Dorcas, became less acute.
Then the pursuit slackened, for they learned our power and would no longer face that unerring rifle.
Miss Lavish seemed interested, and slackened her trot.
They soon reached the summit of the hill, and, evidently intending this point to be the limit of their promenade, slackened pace and turned all three aside to the gate whereat Tess had paused an hour before that time to reconnoitre the town before descending into it.