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In this study the durability of the Khewra Sandstone Formation which is extensively exposed in Salt Range (Fig 1) has been assessed with reference to three aspects, alternate geology, discontinuities and their orientation and slakes durability tests.
river rushing underneath whose sound alone slakes the sweat on our
He won the North East regional final and slakes his thirst at The Slake in West Cornforth.
the surface festers drops and slakes them down: rend cleave
This year, the slakes are even higher thanks to the passage of the federal Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA), the third largest tax cut in U.
Green coconut, green the punctured roundness that slakes the body's great thirst, green the split husks that invite us in, the woman, the man to the soul's immense hunger under the sun's life-giving cancerous grace.