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2007), resulting in formation of aggregates with lower slaking resistance.
Pining for his sermons from the Stamford Bridge pulpit, that's where, having to content ourselves with the mundane and only partially slaking our thirst with successful Olympics bids and potentially explosive Ashes showdowns.
A fourth new plant under construction this spring is a slaking plant.
Future improvements can be made in utilizing heat generated during the lime slaking process.
Then drink Mecca-Cola, a new brand aimed at slaking Europe's anti-American thirst.
8GB, slaking claim as the highest capacity 10,000 RPM 3.
In the desert Southwest, communities are slaking their thirst for knowledge with an outreach program that is overflowing with environmental health information.
In effect, he needed the other studios to keep slaking the movie-going habit, just as they needed him.
Tea-drinking rats developed fewer foci than did animals slaking their thirst with plain water.
Airport officials said the beer garden is expected to prove popular among plane maniacs and couples keen on slaking their thirst with a few cold ones while feeling the force of a jumbo jet's engine.
For the slaking of a thirst, the bar serves four Mexican beers, plus 32-ounce margaritas that come in glasses 2 feet tall.