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retard the slaking action, but they quicken the process of setting and hardening the mass after being made into mortar (Ashurst and Nicola, 1988) At around 40% Silica and Alumina, the maximum strength could be achieved, approaching Portland cement.
Therefore, the fragment size distribution was used to better define the slaking characteristics of the tested flysch rock samples.
2007), resulting in formation of aggregates with lower slaking resistance.
It's unlikely the Olympic athletes will be slaking their thirst with the sponsor's product in Beijing very much - but you can get a taste of the action by opening a bottle of this mediumbodied lager.
Instead or slaking his claim for further international honours, Burns will travel on Blues close-season tour to Martinique.
hIPA is ideal for slaking the very first thirsts created by a newly warmed world," says Magic Hat's Sara Schnipper.
The second and more important goal is to give China (and India) technologies that can generate power more efficiently in the hopes of slaking that nation's growing thirst for oil.
Pining for his sermons from the Stamford Bridge pulpit, that's where, having to content ourselves with the mundane and only partially slaking our thirst with successful Olympics bids and potentially explosive Ashes showdowns.
A fourth new plant under construction this spring is a slaking plant.
Future improvements can be made in utilizing heat generated during the lime slaking process.
Then drink Mecca-Cola, a new brand aimed at slaking Europe's anti-American thirst.
Metso said that the delivery to Chile would include semi-autogenous (SAG) and ball mills to Compania Minera Dona Ines de Collahuasi to regrind copper concentrate and for lime slaking in the Ujina-Rosario Transition Project.