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BOOKMAKERS are split over Andy Murray's chance of adding to his two Grand Slam titles in 2016, writes Adrian Humphries.
Roger Federer took home five titles this season but he was unable to add a title to his Grand Slam collection.
The winning poet in the slam will be entered into the final competition to become a member of this year's 7 Hills Poetry Slam Team.
Youth Speaks hosted the first Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam in 1997, the first poetry slam for teenagers in the country.
More substantively, slams raise hunters' awareness of lesser-known big game species.
Federer answered them in part with a strong finish to the season and carries solid form into the year s first grand slam after winning the Qatar Open.
There will not be any censorship at this slam, but our intention is to create a safe, lighthearted, sex-positive atmosphere," the release says.
The Serena Slam is something I'd like to do again," Williams said.
There are three nationally sanctioned annual contests; a nonprofit organization that oversees poetry slam interests and registers slams all over the world (the aptly named Poetry Slam, Inc.
Every April, slammers converge upon Chicago for the annual Slam Masters Weekend, where organizers and poets meet to plan for the upcoming national, regional, local slams and other events.