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SLANDERER. A calumniator, who maliciously and without reason imputes a crime or fault to another, of which he is innocent.
     2. For this offence, when the slander is merely verbal, the remedy is an action on the case for damages; when it is reduced to writing or printing, it is a libel. (q.v.)

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Finally, Robinson's revisionist Memoirs, which purchasers supposed would be a titillating revelation of her affair with the Prince of Wales, but which was instead an effort to bleach all stain from the fabric of her life, supported her contentions in the Letter to the Women of England by sharing her own account of her relations with libertines, slanderers, and deserting fathers, husbands and lovers.
It couldn't be that the editors are promoting the notion that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are slanderers, could it?
Gaunt turned to the bishops for redress for it lay in their powers not only to excommunicate the slanderers but also to restore Gaunt's maligned reputation to good fame; defamation, moreover, was understood to be a spiritual offence and 'the more serious cases were tried in the Bishop's Consistory Court'.
thou monstrous slanderer and thou unadvised scold from Elinor to Constance, thou monstrous injurer from Constance to Elinor, Bedlam from King John to both the ladies, and lady from King Philip to Constance.
The editorial, calling the plaintiff "a liar, perjurer, and slanderer," a "black hearted coward," and a "companion of negro strumpets [who] revelled in [the] lowest debauches.
Andrew Jackson, who, along with his wife, was the subject of relentless malicious gossip, once noted: "The murderer only takes the life of the parent and leaves his character as a goodly heritage to his children, while the slanderer takes away his goodly reputation and leaves him a living monument to his children's disgrace.
Park Benjamin, the editor of the Evening Signal, described Bennett as an "obscene foreign vagabond, a pestilential scoundrel, ass, rogue, habitual liar, loathsome and leprous slanderer and libeller.
A Kaula overpowered by desire, a miser, a fool a very poor man, someone without glory, one extremely old, One with a chronic disease, or a choleric person, one opposed to Visnu, one opposing scripture, and one (opposing) saints, A body-worshiper, a slanderer, a sinner--these fourteen categories are like corpses while alive.
Erdogan said the government got its determination from the nation, "we will solve the problem despite the ill-tempered, slanderer and hindering opposition.
On the basis of the above evidence, it is my solemn duty to inform you that our Ecclesiastical Court has issued an edict inscribing you as a slanderer of Zion and a terrorist collaborator.
Joseph was not a slanderer when he accused his brothers before his father about the worst crime (Gen.
NASA named one of these volcanoes Loki - from Scandinavian mythology, a mischievous trickster, thief and slanderer.