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They can combine categories as they choose and then put out multiple pages of the Slap Board.
4) These normal variants are associated with a higher incidence of SLAP lesions.
The SLAP lesion is described as beginning posteriorly and extending anteriorly, involving the anchor of the biceps tendon, and stopping before or at the midglenoid notch.
It was only when my arm was on its way round to slap David I realised I had the tenderiser in my hand still.
His dad told him, 'Son this robot is special in that it can detect a lie and will then slap the person who lied.
He is the latest figure to join the 'special slap club' after he gave a good one to Kunder, known more as Farha's husband.
Matron went from child to child, administering a sharp slap.
Simply trying to reason with a child is pointless because they do not understand or have not developed that skill, but a slap has a deterrent factor.
He said he would slap Miss White if she upset him, for example by burning his dinner, and he once slapped her when she accused him of sleeping with another woman.
Stan Slap, a leading marketing and business consultant and bestselling author of Bury My Heart at Conference Room 8, told the executives that three elements are key to their marketing and growth efforts through the current economic downturn.
Trigger slap defined is when you're shooting fast, the index finger comes off the trigger between shots.