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The post Our View: CBC's handling of FBME has been slapdash and amateurish appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
3-litre transverse petrol engine gave it creditable performance and the high manufacturing standards in Japan ensured that there was nothing sloppy or slapdash about this car.
They voted for many unjust and slapdash Tory policies.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Not half 9 Eight 10 Avert 11 Obelisk 12 Eli 13 Cut glass 16 Knitwear 17 Amp 19 Tripoli 21 Sedan 22 Igloo 23 Liaison DOWN: 1 Enraged 2 Athenian 3 Oast 4 Jeweller 5 Ugli 6 Stake 8 Foot the bill 13 Cotton on 14 Slapdash 15 Opening 18 Attic 20 Ills 21 Star QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Broadminded 8 Bee 9 Tan 11 Reactor 12 Lycra 13 Err 14 Hem 15 Inferno 17 Dab 19 Avid 21 Year 23 Euro 25 Fuel 27 Wit 29 Flyover 31 Ash 34 Owe 36 Spasm 37 Plunger 38 Tar 39 Lie 40 Teetotaller DOWN: 1 Beer 2 Rear 3 Antenna 4 Murder 5 Nylon 6 Etch 7 Dare 8 Bread 10 Named 16 Oar 18 Bye 20 Vow 22 Elf 24 Unequal 25 Feast 26 Hotpot 28 There 30 Limit 32 Spat 33 Hare 34 Ogle 35 Weir
Tel: 0800 014 7111 Slapdash Galaxy Blackwood Miners' Institute, 7pm Tickets: PS10, concs PS8, family PS32.
Astaire's solo "Drum Crazy" showcases his special blend of grace and intricate footwork, and "A Couple of Swells" captures the slapdash charm of Astaire and Garland as a team.
Published with the help of Daniel Norris of SlapDash publishing, the book will be made available for the public in the future.
Well, Westhill Road was repaired in a slapdash fashion but Moseley Avenue, no sign of work being done, only red pavement markings, where I assume they will fill the gaps.
London, Jan 25( ANI ): Manchester City teen star Courtney Meppen-Walter has been charged with causing death of a brother and sister of Indian origin by slapdash or inconsiderate driving after a crash last year.
The slapdash film is a mess but has undeniable pleasures.
His plan is to build a cabin in the woods, and given his track record, you know it won't be any old slapdash affair - it will be packed with clever design solutions.