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Thankfully, this nonsense idea has been slapped down by all manner of experts, including the British Diabetic Association and the Child Growth Foundation, who claim that replacing a scientific word like "obese" with a woolly term like "unhealthy weight" is a dangerous fudge of a serious issue.
However there were angry scenes in the Commons as Speaker Michael Martin slapped down an MP who had challenged the decision by the House authorities to call in police to investigate the leak of MPs' expenses claims to The Daily Telegraph.
ANOTHER attempt by the Spanish government to force the European Union (EU) into giving it new fishing rights in the North Sea and the Baltic has been slapped down by the European Court of Justice (ECJ).
Harriet Harman was publicly slapped down in the Commons yesterday by Solicitor General Mike O'Brien after calling for the Attorney General's advice to the Government to be routinely published.
Slapped down by the courts, they continue to promote their ideas through the media via slick public-relations campaigns.
Luckily, Smith was slapped down and the hard work of the neighborhood councils prevailed when the motion was withdrawn.
But Wrinch was slapped down by local government watchdog the Standards Board.
That proposal got slapped down hard by Congress after it received wide publicity--much of it via the Internet.
AMERICA'S top man in Iraq yesterday slapped down Tony Blair's claims that secret weapons laboratories have been found.
Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott effectively slapped down the un-named official responsible.
Mr Hain had to re-write a speech in which he planned to say that too many people on middle incomes were paying too much tax, after being abruptly slapped down by Tony Blair.